The People

Waits-Mast Family Cellars was founded by Brian Mast and Jennifer Waits in 2005. Before we started to make wine we were passionate wine consumers, spending many of our weekends exploring small wineries all over California and further afield in France, Switzerland and New Zealand. After absorbing ourselves in lots of wine literature, we went from being street-smart about wines to being book-smart. Starting around 2000, we continued this pursuit of knowledge by attending the Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival as consumers and learned more about the winemaking process during the annual festival's technical conference. That conference, along with the warm and welcoming wine community of Anderson Valley, prompted us to take our love for pinot noir to a new level. In 2005 we crafted our first barrel of Pinot Noir. Pleased with the results we continued the following year. By 2007 we launched Waits-Mast Family Cellars as a small, yet focused commercial brand that cemented our shift from wine geeks to winemakers.

We are a very small operation, and we are grateful for the assistance and guidance we receive from our consulting winemaker, Shalini Sekhar and the staff at Roar Winery. In 2012, our wines were produced with the guiding hand of Scott Shapley.